Animated Minds

Chattering, whispers, sometimes benign, sometimes malevolent. Disordered thought, tangential ideas, and delusions of grandeur, persecution and paranoia. This piece focuses on what it...Read More

The Light Bulb Thing
A woman's story about becoming more manic, as she soars to the heights of euphoria, floating on the winds of disinhibition. And then, without warning, we see the fall to despair, to... Read More

Fish on a Hook
Mike suffers from panic attacks and agoraphobia, and often finds it difficult to get out of the house. As he describes in visual detail what it's like to suffer from debilitating anxiety,... Read More

Obsessively Compulsive
Steve describes how whenever he thought of Saddam Hussein he thought that he was contributing to the conflict in the Gulf. Walking, talking, eating, and drinking – all these actions... Read More

Over and Over (and Over) Again
Discover how an everyday routine like leaving the house for school can become the worst nightmare for a teenage boy... Or how numbers can take over a young mind to the point of driving... Read More

An Alien in the Playground
Josh never understood the games other children played. They didn’t make sense to him. He preferred walking all alone following the lines designed on playgrounds. He started to be... Read More

My Blood is My Tears
Abbie, Louise and Nicole have burned themselves with everything from heated metal to cigarettes, stabbed needles into their skin, punched the wall and thrown themselves down the stairs…They... Read More