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Universities, Colleges and Institutions - £108.00
Public Libraries and Selected Groups - £48.00
Private Use - £14.39

* All prices inc vat and exclude p&p





Postage and Packaging per dvd:
UK £2.00, Europe £2.50, Rest of World £3.00

* To order more than 10 copies please contact us

For any public exhibition/screening of the films please request a quote.

Universities, Colleges and Institutions
List price applies to universities, colleges, corporations and government agencies, and includes public performance rights for classroom, organisational or library use by the acquiring institution for non-paying audiences only. Purchase effectively means lease for the life of the videodisc.

Schools, Public Libraries & Qualified Groups
Mosaic Films offers special rates of up to 70% off the full list price on sales to all schools and public libraries as well as select community-based organisations that provide direct service or advocacy and work with an annual operating budget of £350K or less. (Documentation of annual budget may be required). Purchase effectively means lease for the life of the videodisc and includes in-house public performance rights for non-paying audiences only.

Private Use Versions
These are for personal use only, and programs are protected by copyright. It is strictly prohibited to screen, loan or broadcast for any group for either educational or commercial purposes. All private use versions orders must be paid by cheque or credit card in advance of shipment.

Copyright Protection
The Animated Minds DVDs are protected by United Kingdom and international copyright laws. Duplication, reproduction, alteration, television broadcast or cablecast, (except for closed-circuit use within a SINGLE campus), loaning for a fee, leasing, sublicensing to others or use for commercial purposes (i.e. charging admission) is strictly prohibited.

Television and Broadcast Rights
Television rights for cable, commercial or educational television are specifically NOT included with the life of copy license or preview of Animated Minds. The Films however may be shown on television, but must be cleared for television and covered by a licensing agreement before being broadcast. To inquire about broadcast rights contact

Complete License Agreement for Private Use
Dear Animated Minds Customer,
Thank you for your purchase. Please be advised that your purchase of a videodisc for private use is made subject to the conditions set below:

  1. "Purchase" constitutes lease for the life of the videodisc.
  2. The videodisc will not be altered or copied in any manner whatsoever. (The videodisc is protected under U.K. Copyright Code.)
  3. The videodisc is for personal use only. Use of this videodisc in any university or other institutional settings is explicitly forbidden.
  4. The videodisc will not be shown to the public, theatrically, commercially, or for profit.
  5. The videodisc will not be rented, loaned for a fee, leased, or sub-leased to others.
  6. The Customer will not negotiate any transaction concerning the videodisc without specific written authorization from Distributor.